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Its HEARTS NABASA she says was at 17 when she joined the world of prostitution and she had no way of turning back. She was coming from a family of a poor single mother and the only thing she could provide was her tuition but time came when she could no longer hold on seeing her friends with good cars and expensive fancy things every girl could yearn to have.  One day her friend told her to  take where they get all the good things they have,  Night came and only what she would see was a street full of beautiful young girls on the road side doing all what they can to get clients . NABASA was shocked to see that her friends where doing this to earn a living for their lives, she could not turn back at one point and this is how her life changed . A month after she was enjoying her life and had already adapted to the friends life and  the advise they gave her was that she can never acquire HIV/AIDS if she always keep her private part wet and advised her that its how they were surviving with clients who don’t want to use condoms .Being uninformed about sexual reproductive health information and not wanting to share to another person fearing to expose herself as a prostitute, she says she went with the friend’s advise  and after one year later she really became ill finding out she was  HIV/AIDS .

Young girls its never too late to have all you have ever dreamed in life because there is time for everything and so you should not lose your life for material





If there’s grass on the field ,play ball, right ”. Tips on  talking to young people about sex and sexuality .Its totally normal that this feels uncomfortable, but l love you and care about you so we need to talk about important things like this ”””’

.Start a good way to start conversation.

.Remember to listen to your child,show that your interested in what they say because your helping them be open to you.

.Always ask what they have heard about sex, what they think and you can tell them what the need to know at their age.

.Be encouraging don’t judge them so that they be so open to  minds.

.Listen to everything they say calmly to gain their trust.

.Share your own experiences,fears.

Parents don’t be scared to talk to your children about sex because sex is part of human growing and you should always take time with them so that they are able to make good decisions in life.  By achieving the above you will be able to share with your children openly.


Being proud to be an African woman is the most greatest thing that every woman should em-brass because the beauty of an Africa woman is the pride that everyone woman in Africa carries.






Our message is really simple we stand to elevate; expose and empower all indigenous Africans women who are making genuine efforts to push our continent to tangible prosperity. With a strong focus on the youth, we aim at celebrating the life of a woman to have her crown and pride to shine out so that they are able to take step out and make a decision in life

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